Traditional Homemade Cakes

Freshly baked and delicious traditional homemade sponge and fruit cakes

Sometimes you just want a simple but delicious homemade cake, perhaps to celebrate a birthday or when friends are visiting for tea.

autumn-victoria-spongeAt Victoria Jane Bakes we specialise in baking the classics such as Victoria Sponge, Coffee and Walnut, Ginger or Carrot Cake to name but a few. Our Courgette and Lime cake is a best seller, as is our Lemon Mascarpone sponge cake.

Most of our traditional cakes can be baked in miniature versions for afternoon tea or parties.

We have very high standards and use only the best quality ingredients to produce a great tasting treat that beats the mass produced supermarket cakes every time.

Portion Guide

Our layered sponges are available in a variety of sizes. Traditional cakes are portioned differently to celebration cakes and the portion guides given below refer to traditional wedge shaped slices.

Diameter Generous Sensible
8" 8 14
9" 10 18
10" 12 22


The prices quoted apply to all the cake flavours listed below. For anything else please contact me for a quote. They may not cost any more but the cost of ingredients can vary depending on the recipe or filling.

8" £ 15.00
9" £ 17.50
10" £ 20.00


The cakes listed below give you an idea of some of the most popular flavours available but if you have something else in mind or would like ideas and a quote for something a bit different then please contact us and we can talk cake!